Xanax for 10 years straight...

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    I've taken 2 mg xanax everyday for over 10 years. The dr. says if I want off of it I need to "taper off" slowly. I've tried, and failed, a million times. He says I need it.

    How can you NEED Xanax everyday for 10 years? My thinking is I'm going to have to check myself into a rehab to get off of this drug.

    Anyone ever been on it long term and qot off it?

    btw...I cannot tolerate other anti-depressants. I tried them all during a 10 years span before getting on the xanax. Cannot handle the side effects. We must have tried a dozen before going to xanax in the first place.
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    I've been on Methadone for a long time & quit cold turkey, many months ago. I no longer have the desire to use it at all. Have you considered the fact that Xanax is not the worst thing out there? Maybe there is no need to stop it, maybe just lower the dose?
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