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Xmas worsening depression?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Winslow, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Winslow

    Winslow Antiquitie's Friend SF Supporter

    In my case,Xmas seems to amplify my depression, making it worse. I've even seen statistics which show that the incidence of suicide is higher during this time. In my case, I'm not suicidal but at least gloomy and morose. What worsens the gloom is the Xmas song "I'll be home for Xmas," which reminds me of my best friend that died several years ago. Most likely, my moroseness will disappear after Xmas, I think. So I wonder if any of you others feel their gloom amplified and made worse during the Xmas season.
  2. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    i def feel worse around xmas. i think about how things might have been between my family and me. and how fucked up they are now. makes me really sad. plus my therapist is away over xmas, so i feel extra isolated and alone. it's rough.
  3. Caster

    Caster Well-Known Member

    Christmas definitely makes my depression worse, especially New Years Eve. I always dread spending it alone. For some reason I really do not want this year to end....I just dread 2011 coming and the beginning of another long year.
  4. Arthur

    Arthur Account Closed

    I hate xmas and new year, cause if you're alone like me you know lots of families are celebrating it and i'll be just alone and it's like that every year.
    I'd like this holiday period to be over as fast as possible.
  5. sinnssykdom

    sinnssykdom Banned Member

    I hate xmas and new year and my birthday too since it's also in december. It's supposed to be all jolly but it never ever is. Shit always happens to wreck it.
  6. KatyKate

    KatyKate Antiquities Friend

    Hi I hate christmas too and New year.. just such a sad and depressing time of year.... think always of people who have no-one or who are homeless and hate the commercial side of it... people going over the top and all it is is want want want... where has the true meaning of christmas gone?. I will be around in the forum over christmas if any of you fancy a chat to get through it... I just say to myself it doesn't last forever... and thats the only good thing about it.:sigh:
  7. victor

    victor Account Closed

    nothing lasts 4ever.. even cold november rain..
    if im stil around by next xmas, then lets meet all of us, who has no one to be with, and celebrate together, uh? that ought to be fun
  8. Stray

    Stray Account Closed

    New years is worst for me, i think of all the other people out having fun but i am friend-less so have no one to go with.
  9. thoso

    thoso Member

    Christmas is tough on me to. I know this will be my last Christmas, so I'll try get the best out of it this year.
  10. Sparky55313

    Sparky55313 Well-Known Member

    This time of year does bite. Can't go any place & not be reminded what makes severe depression just a bit worse. I now have a gf that understands and making life tolerable for me. I can't wait for mid January when all the hoopla is over and all the adds on tv are for taxes.
  11. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    I hate December, it's terrible..

  12. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I hated this time of year for so many years, but this year I have found the spirit and look forward to it.. In the back of my mind I think something will happen to change all of that..
  13. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    I wholeheartedly agree; winter break is usually a lonesome time of year for me :(
  14. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    I do feel lonely in december, but tbh, it's a great feeling for me. Different than other months, I started loving snow, and christmas lights, and seeing other people happy (even if I'm not), is different in december for me, it kind of makes me happy. So no worsening. :)
  15. lm really really struggling with thisxmass period and lve just this forum tonight, mainly because lve struggled with suicidal thoughts for so many years and now it seems to be getting very worse now.

    lve had a painful disaggreement with the lady l live with and now lve gone back into suicidal planning agian with so much rejection and anger and fear.

    Very lonely and frightened down here,

  16. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    puuu... -____-

    Really stressed out and emotional today.
    No idea why I've gone from completely emotionless and unable to force feelings- to crying and collapsing on the floor after getting home from a 'quick' trip to the grocery store.

    fuck. this sucks.
  17. beachdawg

    beachdawg Well-Known Member

    Christmas and the holiday season is definitely a strain on anyone prone to depression. It most certainly is for me. Then, I had a few more stressors added in, and BAM! I was in full blown psychological misery. I'm still in a great deal of psychological pain, but at least my energy is returning.

    However, what I really wanted to comment on was what I often refer to as the "Illusion of Christmas". Or maybe a better term would be "Christmas Illusions". If someone else has coined that term, my apologies.

    You see, we're surrounded with all these warm and fuzzy images... Christmas trees, snow covered grounds and trails, warm houses with the fireplaces and everyone smiling and raising their glasses of egg nogg and mulled cider, the children oh so happy and merry... and it just warms our hearts and lifts our spirits. And we want that... we long for that. Except there's one big problem. IT'S AN ILLUSION! It's not real! Nobody's life is that perfect, not at Christmas, not any day of the year. We hustle around shopping for the perfect gift(s) just so somebody won't be upset we forgot them, and a week after Christmas they've forgotten all about the gift. So often, our patience is at its end... we end up snapping at those around us just due to fatigue! And the decorating.... don't even get me started! I've been so exhausted from putting up a Christmas tree, lights, and all the stuff, and the lights go on, a few people ooooh and awww, and the only thing I can think of is "In a month, I'll be back out here freezing my ass off working till I'm exhausted on one of my few days off just to take this stuff down"

    We are all imperfect people, living imperfect lives, but doing our best. Seeing this illusion of a perfect homelife just adds to the frustration and depression. Just remember... what we see on the holiday cards and TV and newspaper and Internet is an illusion.

    And yet, we're flooded with those images, so on some level, we buy into the illusion.

    Here's an idea.... there's so many reality TV shows on nowadays. Let's do a Christmas reality show. In fact, let's do a bunch! Flood the airways with Christmas reality shows! Let's see real people, real families, balancing and juggling work, kids, soccer practices, band practices, and then add in Christmas stuff. Grumpy middle aged guys like me struggling to put up the Christmas lights, shopping online, and STILL getting pissed off at the whole process of shopping because now we're staring at a computer screen so long we have eyestrain. More grumpy middle aged guys like me forgetting to send out ANY Christmas cards once again (yeah, I forgot all about them until about 5 minutes ago) and realizing I'd better get on the stick.

    Yeah, the illusion will go away real quick when those shows hit the airways.

    Maybe the most helpful idea around Christmas is to look inward and at the spiritual meaning behind the holiday, regardless of your religion. There are spiritual elements such as peace, understanding, and joy that are universally applicable to the human condition. Block out the illusions; look inward and extend yourself and strive for peace and joy. Even if it's a fleeting feeling, just to grab hold briefly is wonderful; a way to heal the soul.

    I love Christmas. I really do. But, I won't be seduced or tricked by the illusion portrayed in mass media. Sometimes, for me, that helps.
  18. gakky1

    gakky1 Well-Known Member

    No different than any other time of the year, been so long since I've had a "real" X-Mas sort of immune and numb to the whole holiday season.:dry: Suppose in the past if you've had some enjoyable times and no longer can or do, can see how one would get more depressed.:sad: No cure for helping those that do feel that way unless you can become a numb Zombie like me.:grr:
  19. Cortez

    Cortez Banned Member

    I can't wait til it's all over.
  20. Woodsmoke

    Woodsmoke Well-Known Member

    I hate xmas. Have done since the stepfamily moved in.

    They make it hell.

    Good thing my mum has us on xmas day now. *hugs*
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