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  1. DarknessSurroundsMe

    DarknessSurroundsMe Well-Known Member

    Set me free.
    Free from the pain and lonelyness of existence.
    To end it and be "happy".
    No more fighting with my parents.
    No more of my mothers ass hole boyfriends.
    Her lovers telling me how disgusting of person I am.
    Sick of it all.
    Wanting to die.
    No more hate.
    No more pain.
    No more sorrow.
    Please someone just set me free.
    I want to die but dont think I can.
    Pull the trigger and let it be over.
    I cant do it out of love for my son.
    He means the world to be.
    Only I want to be set free.
    Set free so that he doesnt know.
    Know that I am a dispicable person.
    A piece of shit.
    Good for nothing.
    I love him but I need to help myself.
    And to do that I need to be set free.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I wish I could put these words to a song as they are poignant lyrics...thanks for sharing with us
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