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  1. DarknessSurroundsMe

    DarknessSurroundsMe Well-Known Member

    I cant deal with this pain.
    Have been putting up with it my whole life.
    Nothing from it to gain.
    Always something to lose.
    Needs to stop.
    So that I can be free.
    Other wise,
    I might to something drastic
    and be truly free.
    Free from pain.
    Pain of sexual discrimination.
    Pain of my weight.
    Cant do this no more.
    Nothing to make it right.
    Only one end in sight.
    Told that it's not right.
    It may not be right for those who say its wrong.
    But whose to say that it's not right for me?
  2. saltydogmk

    saltydogmk Member

    Hello Darlin :) I talked to you last night and I know this post is from a couple of days ago but I'm still conserned :( Are you doing okay and don't give me a bs answer like fine either. If your doing better I want to know and if your still feeling low I want to know that also. You helped me through a rough time last night and I ended up going to bed without cutting so I know these harmful thoughts CAN be beat. And together we are stronger than individually. I'm not talking about winning the war just winning one battle at a time. *hug
  3. DarknessSurroundsMe

    DarknessSurroundsMe Well-Known Member

    Hi love....I am doing ok I guess....I didnt SH when I went to bed nor when I got up and still clean as I write this....I am glad I could help you hun I really am that's what makes me feel better....*hug
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