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I always thought I was weird drawing emaciated figures, tied up and cut open or deacrated in any other way...but there actually seem to be people who are turned on by stuff like that ó.o
I don't even want to post a link but google it, if you really ant to look at it...

What do you think about ero guro? How sick do you believe someone has to be to like this?
Ero guro is most certainly challenging to look at but it is only art exploring a side of life that may be unexpectedly revealed to us in moments of extreme violence or accidental mishap.
Maybe the artists have witnessed the human body converted into grotesque form and are somehow using art as a safe exploratory tool in order to explore why gore has become part of their sexuality?

KimKim,remember and be careful on the net.Always be 100% sure that the people you are talking with wish to perform acts of tying up only with the full implicit consent of the boundee.

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