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Y cant i just do it?

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So valentines day came and left and im still not with him. IM SO ANGRY WITH MYSELF! I wish i could just do it, just grab that rope and end it all! Everytime i think its going to b ok and we can b together again, he turns around and tells me he needs more time, i cant take it! if i was gone then he could just get on with his life and not have to worry about some fuck wit hanging around asking to b wit him all the time. I wish i could cry enough tears to kill me, i wish i could just go to sleep and never wake up! Y is this so hard? i want it to b over. Im sick of saying 'i cant take this n e more' then continuing to take it. im so stupid, so gutless, and so hopeless without him!:sad:
u feel lyk crying...go for it.Naah me aint kiddin..coz datz the best way u can handle it.U will feel fresh aftr that.And after dat buy sum fresh flowers n keep it in yr room..Trust me...it does make wonders.
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