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  1. iwishiwasinvisible

    iwishiwasinvisible Active Member

    ive been asking myself alot lately..y...y did i let myself fall for him....im supposed to be the strong one the hard one...my walls r supposed to be 10 feet high....i do i trust people.....after all the shit ive gone through y am i still alive..........y do i still have hopes and dreams.....y do i care so much bout others.....y do i let them get me down cuz most the time i feel like someone to talk to when they r bored....i dont know y im posting this i just gatta get it all out........i fell for a playa yes nicole fell for a player and its not the first time.....

    some answers

    i have hope because like i said im still alive after all ive been through so there must be a reason i just gatta find it....

    i care because thats just me

    i dated him cuz i wanted to try something differnt...i seen all those girls who have been with the person they love for yrs and they seem sweet..i wanted to be able to trust someone and have someone to hold me and to tell all my thoughts to and to be there for me....but i never thought i would fall as hard as i did....so im pushing away and pulling him back in then smack myself because im not supposed to be the one to let someone in...im supposed to reliy on myself and only myself and help everyone else when they need it

    y im alive because who ever created me doesnt want me back

    ;ately all i feel is like cralling in to a hole and hide...i havent felt lik this in along time.......im scared
  2. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    y? becsuse you are who you are. you can't chaange that just as i can't change wh i am. sorry about the "playa" thing. you are in the right place though. keep posting til your heart is content. i do.
Thread Status:
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