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    So many people thought i would crash when he left and i didnt, i havent cried even when i seen him get on the bus, i dont really have a feeling abt him leaving, im numb. im happy thou i havent laught as much as i ever had today, but i been talking to some of my old friends.. and i did something with someone that i shouldnt of done. i regret it. i havent regerted something this much sence idk. its terrrible. i didnt tthink this would ever happen to me of all people. but it has to happen to someone i guess.. it was my mistake. i guess this is what i get... no hope. i mean yea i wanted it i guess mayb just a little.. but i dont.. idk its confusing. dont ask me abt it. i got to go bye
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    :hug: Tiphanie. I'm here if you need to talk. :hug:
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    :hug: Stay strong, chica.

    You can talk to me if you needta.