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Ya Think They Would Call Back?

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Won't go through the whole story, but my daughter was talking suicide, and writing suicide.

We had a huge blow-out at my home between her dad, and my mom, and I. My ex husband PUSHED/SHOVED my mom of 69 years old. Took the diary that page after page explained my daughters plans of suicide. Had the sleeping pills and all. Anyway, my mom had a heart attack. My daughter left with my ex husband, and haven't seen or heard from them since.

Now, she goes to a private school. My mom paid the dang tuition. I called one Nun my daughter trusted. She told me to call the Principal and the counselor at the school. I did this and left messages.

NO CALLS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I called her homeroom teacher who she has had for four years and trusts very much. Did the dude even call me back? Noooooooooo.

I'm a freaking custodial parent here. I have physical custody legally. The kid has never lived anywhere except in our house with my parents, and I, and what?????? No calls. I explained that. They know I have been signing her tests, report cards etc. the damn last four years. What??????????

I am mighty PO'd.


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Can you visit the school Bette?

Sounds like ex-hubby has been up to something here. Maybe they think he now has custody. You never know what has been said behind your back.

I'd definetly want to get to the bottom of this.

PO'D I should think u are :mad:
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