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  1. Keeplookingup

    Keeplookingup Member

    Sunlight dancing on the scattered windows,
    Existing between natural barriers of plantation.
    Flowering incandescent souls abundant in happiness
    Toys lining the floor marked in colored paint.
    Familiar voices in my head, trace back to its origin
    Wailing cries of a beaming hope.
    Walls tinted with fractured structures gracing the covers
    Tables ornamented, candles flickering like fickle beings.

    The walls collapse and rise in malignant patterns,
    tables empty, candles blown out,
    Hidden behind hoaxes and deception,
    Eyes see images burning through the retina.
    Scars of the heart line like orderly matchsticks,
    Volatile emotions break and bend these knees.
    Staring upwards into the foreboding sunlight,
    Crooked personalities ,strange mentalities, unusual anxiety
    Ghosts occupy this place I once called home,
    A place of little value to anyone anymore,
    Shadows adorn the dressers of a missing age
    Violence splattered across the minds eye.
    Drag me down once again,
    Into the ocean where nothing floats,
    A new venue to be called “home”
    Fantasy is always better than reality.

    Its hard to see what’s beyond the edges of the well,
    But have some courage, and dare to dream.
    For some the unknown is what all men fear,
    But discovery unlocks multiple gates
    “maybe” doesn’t have to exist.
    Reach and the stars will grant your wish
    So don’t leave your heart at the steps of the door
    The beginning is hardest, the rewards-endless.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    i like fantasy too hun but reality seems to always push through
    you write so beautifully
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