Yeah, fine.

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  1. Matt93

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    Alright, alright. If you truly decide you want to get back with your ex instead of me, fair enough. I can accept that.

    Sure, I'm going hurt, but I love you, and that's what happens during heartbreak. Fighting's gonna be a lot harder without you either, so you know.

    One thing you should tell M, if you do get back together is:

    Hurt her M, and I'll find you, I'll kill you. Believe me. I'm not kidding, hurt her, and I'll make your life utter hell. Believe me, I can do that. Don't think I'm afraid of you either, you might be like 3 years older than me, but believe me, put me in that kinda mood, and I'll put you through hell.

    She deserves happiness and looking after, and yes, you're more consistent than I. You don't have MPD, and I dare bet, that'll probably be the only reason she goes back to you. Kinda depressing too.

    But when T text me saying, "I like his consistency though :/"

    I got fucking pissed off. So yeah, T if you go back to M, and he hurts you, I promise his life's gonna be hell.
  2. total eclipse

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    sorry you are suffering so much pain
  3. feathers

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    He won't hurt me. You know that. He loves me enough to take me back after everything I've done to him. He's an idiot, but an idiot that isn't going to hurt me. :/

    So don't worry.