Yeah - I'm a bit more... irritable lately...

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  1. meaningless-vessel

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    Here's a few possible reasons why.

    I don't like heat, exposed to too much I could get ill and irrational from that.

    I'm experiencing something relatively new - these venesection therapies (phlebotomies), to reduce the amount of serum ferritin in my blood stream are of a regular fortnightly period - I've now had 3, but still adjusting to both during and after reactivities.

    I've recently been unwell. Bit snappy and aggressive towards others.

    And it could be linked into the genetics of the condition I have. Here is a list of possible symptoms I could experience (although the worst ones are less likely).

    I'm not trying to make excuses. The irritability could come from a number of sources. But it still bugs me that I could react badly to anything.
    Yes. I could do. But excuses wouldn't cover it. So before I get over the top - I am likely to point to this thread.

    I do apologise if I get aggressive at any point - if it is known to be out of character, then by all means - pull me up on it. I'm not going to allow myself to be riddle with "oh it could be this" - when I should know better.
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    Just hoping you are feeling better, and I sure know what grumpy feels like lately
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    I have a problem with irritability as well, not from the same illness but because of my anxiety. I try not to blow up on people but man sometimes, it's hard...

    I hope the treatments help you and you feel better soon...but you know, no one is what if you're a little bit irritable, I'm sure your family will understand...I know my mom does...
  4. meaningless-vessel

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    There is some encouragement for me from other people who have haemochromatosis. They get the mood swings and irritability and such. And this is more through joining a group on facebook about it - because i'm still coming to terms with what's changing about me.

    I think anxiety may make it a different twist on irritable, but I'm confident it's not nice. Maybe I just need to link my mum to the symptoms and show her the group where others have this feeling (to show her it does/has happened to other people around - not something that is likely to "disappear" because it's genetic).