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Yeah so...

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by Brighid Moon, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Brighid Moon

    Brighid Moon Member & Antiquities Friend

    I go to answer the door, old man is at the door, this dude that helps out here with the owner and whatnot, and I'd given a message to the owner for him the other day. So he's at the door again and thanks me, then says he wants to give me a hug for thanks, and I'm all "okay," because he's just this old man, and I guess my BOOBS ARE ON MY BACK, or arms just can't reach because his hands are all over my boobs, next thing I know.

    Anyhow, all set off again. Nothing you can do about it. It's just what happens. I just have to avoid him and all people at all costs, because this is what happens when you don't. I learned a long time ago anyone can do anything to me they want and get away with it, so the only thing I can do is pity the pathetic old pervert. Anything else and I get in trouble for what they do. So fuck it. That's all I'm good for anyhow.
  2. Right U R Ken

    Right U R Ken Well-Known Member

    You can and should report him to the owner and maybe even the police. Being an old man is no excuse for his actions. And you have the right to stand up for yourself. You'll feel better if you do.
  3. Brighid Moon

    Brighid Moon Member & Antiquities Friend

    Okay I told the owner of the place. I'm sure the old man will have some explanation or something. I'll look like an idiot because that's what these types set us women up for. I wish I were dead. I get so tired of this.
  4. Remedy

    Remedy Chat & Forum Buddy

    He was completely out of order! :mad: I hope the owner sorts him out and doesn't fall for any excuses... I understand how things like that can be major setbacks.
    'That's all I'm good for anyhow.' The same thought has been round my head many times, you are worth so much more than what has happened in your past.
    I wish I had the words to erase some of those horrible feelings... :hug: My PM box is open if you ever want to chat.
  5. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    Good on you for at least reporting him to the owner. He was totally out of order. No way anyone should treat you like that. You are worth so much more. Best wishes.
  6. Brighid Moon

    Brighid Moon Member & Antiquities Friend

    :hug: Thanks, guys. I still feel crappy, all the told tapes running around in my head. This really set me off. Dissociated badly all day, and got a migraine from that too. Ugh! Stupid stupid pervs! No idea and no caring what they do to another person. Bastards.
  7. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    you said it he is a bastard and had no right to touch you. Wish i was there i would have kicked him hard for you. I still would report the ass to the police He would think twice before he did that again to someone. Dirty old filthy man that is what he is and i am sorry you had to suffer at his hands. Please don't let him have any power over you he is not worth any more suffering. You are worth so much more than he will ever be. Take care
  8. Brighid Moon

    Brighid Moon Member & Antiquities Friend

    Thanks, Mary. My therapist wanted to push that yesterday. The problem is that I've benen down that road before, and ended up with nothing. I'm not up to putitng myself through that mortification on top of everything else. Just can't do it. Besides, nothing would get done anyhow. Its all good, my friend (the owner of the place here) will make sure he never comes around me again. But seriously, you're right about others. I just can't, you know? Cops will mock you, nothing will happen. Its just how the world is.
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