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I'm sorry to everyone.

If people figure out who it is writing this.

I can't even be bothered to sign in.

I dunno... hurting so bad...
:hug: :)

Take care, and stay safe ....


EDIT: Have just realised who you are .... I'm glad you're ok hun :hug: :hug: You stay safe hun - the forum would be a sad place without you around it :hug:

I miss you - you're a great person to have around!

Take care

Joe :hug:
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seems to have been fine so far.


wont be missed. dont give away who i am please
the point of being anonymous
Oooohh, it's good to see you again :hug: :hug: :hug:
And I know you think you won't be missed if you go away again, but you will. You've been missed a lot :(
I hope you're safe... :hug:
I'm not entirely sure but i have an idea of who ya might be but im not really sure.

If your feeling down please talk to us hun, we care :hug:
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