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hi everybody
i really don't know why i'm on here... this feels like my last port of call, i guess.
i have lost all of my friends, woman i love, no work, pressure, no money... you name it.
i am on lots of medication that just makes me feel i can't survive without it. i am sick and tired of all of this... i have a grand plan.
i am going to record a final album of music and leave once that is done.

i don't know what i'm looking for out of all of this, honestly. someone who is like minded to talk to... but i don't want the whole "don't do it" thing... just a friendly face i guess... i dunno...

i hope you're all well

total eclipse

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Hi you your a musician I hope perhaps you could make music about your illness your pain you sadness release those thoughts the anquish through your music hun It will help you just as talking helps It is nice to see you reaching out here hun keep reachingout okay keep posting.
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