yelled at....again

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  1. among the stars

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    im so sick of getting yelled at or being in trouble. i always come home from the barn ok and happy and then she shots be down for being late, or staying longer than 'SHE' planned me to...'SHE' runs my life and i cant do anything about it. I needed to get away this morning...I had to....i had such a headache. went to the barn had fun but when i came home I wanted to melt into the floor again...she was so pissed that i hadnt "stayed a couple of minutes like you said u would" (i never said that) then i felt liek shit again so i walked off to my laptop and she came in asking what i was doing (shes hard of hearing so i talked very loadly) and she said 'WELL I DIDNT KNOW, I WAS ONLY ASKING A QUESTION! DONT GET HUFFY!!!' and walked off.... i seriously wanna lay down and die right now....oh and by the way i cant ignore her I LIVE with her. It didnt help that my grandpa said i was gone before he left (which i was not) i feel like the whole damn fucking family is against me. With all this why the hell would i open up to them that I am having severe headaches and attacks, they dont care. they never will
  2. AsphyxiateOnMisery

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    I have the same problems...Do you have a lock on your door? Mine really serves me well at times. If you absolutely have to live with that person, just ignore them as much as possible.
  3. among the stars

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    Im sorry to hear you go thru this too :( No none of the doors have locks but it wouldnt help anyways if i shut my door she comes and opens it and if i shut it she opens it again...she wants to watch me all the time it drives me nuts
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    Not that I have the same issue, but I know the feeling. Nearly impossible to escape. my mom can be a real b**** sometimes and my dad will end up taking her side. They can't control your life, but hey. Since when does that ever make a difference, right? In my case I might have to keep my anger from exploding, but using words don't mean anything. So what do you do? Unfortunately I have no good solutions to this matter.. But venting can be helpful in a way.