yelled at....again

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    im so sick of getting yelled at or being in trouble. i always come home from the barn ok and happy and then she shots be down for being late, or staying longer than 'SHE' planned me to...'SHE' runs my life and i cant do anything about it. I needed to get away this morning...I had to....i had such a headache. went to the barn had fun but when i came home I wanted to melt into the floor again...she was so pissed that i hadnt "stayed a couple of minutes like you said u would" (i never said that) then i felt liek shit again so i walked off to my laptop and she came in asking what i was doing (shes hard of hearing so i talked very loadly) and she said 'WELL I DIDNT KNOW, I WAS ONLY ASKING A QUESTION! DONT GET HUFFY!!!' and walked off.... i seriously wanna lay down and die right now....oh and by the way i cant ignore her I LIVE with her. It didnt help that my grandpa said i was gone before he left (which i was not) i feel like the whole damn fucking family is against me. With all this why the hell would i open up to them that I am having severe headaches and attacks, they dont care. they never will
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    I have the same problems...Do you have a lock on your door? Mine really serves me well at times. If you absolutely have to live with that person, just ignore them as much as possible.
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    Im sorry to hear you go thru this too :( No none of the doors have locks but it wouldnt help anyways if i shut my door she comes and opens it and if i shut it she opens it again...she wants to watch me all the time it drives me nuts
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    Not that I have the same issue, but I know the feeling. Nearly impossible to escape. my mom can be a real b**** sometimes and my dad will end up taking her side. They can't control your life, but hey. Since when does that ever make a difference, right? In my case I might have to keep my anger from exploding, but using words don't mean anything. So what do you do? Unfortunately I have no good solutions to this matter.. But venting can be helpful in a way.