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    i lie.
    i lie cause i'm scared of being called a liar.
    i cant prove that certain things are wrong with me, other than my trichotillomania, but in general, if i go in with syptoms, they'll just think i'm researching it cause its not physical things.
    how do you prove you've ocd? i do things i know are wierd, if i know i do them, why dont i stop them? or I hear things? how can you say i hear things i dont think i should how do i say it to them and have them not doubt me? voices are in your head. you cant prove them.
    i hate not being able to prove stuff. :dry:
    now i know it obviously is.. but sometimes i just think all this crap is in my head and i'm imagining it just to feel special or some shit like taht because thats what everyone keeps telling me it is, so how can the majority and countless professionals be wrong?
    see i try not to let on that i am awear of my "problems" as when i first went in and said "i feel like this, so therefore i think i am suffering with ..this...." they laughed and said no i wasnt and it was a phaase and i'd be fine.
    12 years i've been this way

    how the hell can it be a phase.
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    i ended up seeing a hell of a lot of people and doing a hell of alot of stupid things before anyone took notice that i had a problem, most people suffering from mental illness experience a similar thing, where people don't, or are unwilling to take them seriously. it took 3 years 3 suicide attempts and plenty of self-harm before any doctor/psychologist took any notice of the fact i had a problem, and was not just an "awkward teenager" which i was written off as SO many times, and even then it was only because i went privately, just don't give up xx
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    Sounds tough. It took serious SH for some people to take me seriously.
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    these professionals won't do anything without proof
    this pushes people to do things that urge people to help
    they therefore only get the help they need when it's too late or almost there.
    everyone gets pissed off with the system
    but unless you pay for it
    it's not going to change.

    i only hope you find some help before you do anything drastic hun :hug:
    12 years is a hell of a long time to be dealing with this
    :heart: you'll be in my thoughts