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  1. pooky

    pooky Living with A Beautiful Mind...

    You people are the best that I have ever had conversation with.Actually we all are in the same boat and so we can help each other by understanding each others' problems easily.

    I am a 23 year old young adult man.

    Most of you don't know me. So let me tell you what I have endured and where I am standing today.

    What I have endured:

    1.I was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia.In march 2005, I ran away from my house during my 10th grade exams.:eek:hmy:

    2.For three days i was lying on streets with no food,water,cloths.In those days I tried to actually do "it" but a higher power saved me.

    3.After my encounter with hell was over I I returned to my home, was admitted to hospital, where my hands and feet were all tied up,and a couple of injections were given so that I will fall asleep.

    4.During that time from march i regularly was on 15-17 medications which lasted for about a year till may/june 2006. After that I did a mistake and I stopped taking medications and so after a month in July 2006 I had extreme forms of delusions , hallucinations, distorted thoughts and speech.

    5.Now I changed my doc for the previous one was giving me way too much medications.My new doc told that I not only have schizophrenia but as a result of taking 15 medications in that time period I also have Tardive dyskinesia.

    6.That doc told me directly that he could not do my treatment.So i went to third doc, in september 2006, who gave the the right combination of medication and just 3 medication.

    7.Life was going somewhat ok, until my mom passed away due to liver cancer , which is genetic in october 2008.I became very depressed .

    8.I had a nice cool car and my dad sold it sometime in 2009 so that I don't become lazy, according to him.

    9.I used to live alone in my house for three years (2009-2012) ,dad used to work in another state.Nobody would visit me,not even a phone call.

    Now I don't want to make you people sad.Although I had endured extreme pain and suffering but life is beginning to give me new,good and interesting things that many people can only dream about.

    Here what I have achieved during this period.

    1.I know 4 languages - English,French and two of my native country language. I am fluent in all except French, just started to learn it and will eventually master it.

    2.I have completed my graduation and now I am going to do my MBA in Retail.I will get a job after just two years whose starting salary is pretty high.(How I am so sure? I am one of the best in my class, out of 60(in MBA, I have had interesting conversations with other fellow candidates) i am in top 5 in term of grades, socialization, decision-making , leadership skills.There were 6 people taking the interview (to get admission in MBA) and they have told me something very similar.I have given Interview in many other places (6 in total) and I get positive comments like "You have it in you" , "You have high potential" "You will become a star one day" "You are very talented"...

    3.I eat fruits,vegetables regularly.I actually love them.I am also very particular about my looks and hygiene. I always take a bath regularly without fail (which earlier in 2005 /2006 i failed to do it regularly)

    4.For the last two months I am devoting good amount of time to socializing .I go out almost every day either to see a movie with friends, or just have a conversation with them, or to go to different shopping malls (I am fortunate that money is not an issue for me).

    5.I have got a girlfriend. She is witty and beautiful.We are in a good relationship for one month. I don't hide what I have endured in my life to anyone including my dear girlfriend.

    6.One thing is that i don't exercise though I walk regularly for about an hour.

    Some very close people are actually jealous of me, but I actually love it. :cool:

    I think that every human being has the capability to endure extreme form of pain,loss,suffering .People should not go for killing oneself.Just look at me,If someone ordinary like me can stand on his own feet then everybody else can.

    So,my dear friends please don't ever feel upset about your life.You have great potential in you to be a role model to , to be a leader , to lead a fun enjoyable life. Never give up hope.The more you fail, the more you will become a success later on in your life.(I think it's the law of life :karma).Never ever get depressed over anything.

    Any comments,tips,suggestions?I am feeling very good ,healthy and enjoying every moment.

    1.I have found the right combo of medications.
    2.I have had my ass kicked so many times which can cover another post , more than most other people with easy lifestyle.
    3.I have had hit the rock bottom of sorrow and so I am bouncing back.
    4.I am a bit luckier than others.

    I am always ready to listen to you, motivate you.Let's heal together.
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  2. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    I have to admit, you've done a lot better for yourself than I have. Congratulations. I am most jealous of the girlfriend part. I know that I can achieve everything else on my own, but relationships are not my strong point. Good for you though, I know a lot of us have suffered our own personal hells and it's always nice to see somebody who makes it through it all and ends up happy and healthy.
  3. pooky

    pooky Living with A Beautiful Mind...

    Thanks for reading my post.I will keep in touch ...I am now going out to a friend's house and will spend 4-5 hours there then I will return . :boogie:

    Bye for now...will post again after a few hours.
  4. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    You're welcome. Thank you for posting. It was good to read about somebody turning their life around.
  5. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am glad to hear you have gotten things together and are able to move forward in such a positive way. I wish you continued success in the future and that the ugliness will never again cross your path. Thanks for sharing this with us. :hug:
  6. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I'm glad to see you on here again! I was worrying and wondering what happened...and I'm sorry you went through so much...but I'm glad you are changing your life for the better :hug:
  7. pooky

    pooky Living with A Beautiful Mind...

    A genuine thank you from me to everyone from the bottom of my heart to those who have replied,read my posts and everyone else here on SF.You people are honestly the best people who are good at heart,caring,able to understand others' feelings well.

    Today I was busy socializing...I went to one of my friend's friend's birthday party.I had a pretty good time there.I enjoyed every moment from 4pm - 10 pm. It was a really great experience to have.

    Tomorrow I will probably go to one of my relative's home, whom I haven't visited for four years.I am beginning to appreciate life - how much mother nature has given me - from multiple attempts I have 'miraculously' survived in one piece to being bullied in school because I was the shy one .I have even had my heart broken on two occasions but now some very close people are actually jealous of me because I have a beautiful and smart girlfriend.I just love it when they see us together and scream.(That proves that those jealous people have such a small , narrow mind).

    You people here on SF are greater than God... You people have motivated me to live, in times of my trouble.You people love me unconditionally unlike God who puts each and everyone of us through tests.

    I genuinely love you all as my friend,brother and sister.:hugtackles:

    I have began to realize how my illness developed.In school, I was bullied by my peers,neglected,punished,misunderstood by my teachers and forced to be the best by my parents. That pressure caused a break in my will and I lost a grip of reality.

    Fortunately now, my will is becoming efficient and I am no longer afraid of reality.

    After two years, I will have a career in retail with good starting salary ..I will buy my own house and car ...and go back to those people who have caused me the most pain and smack them in their face and tell them ,"You see ..I am better than you and everybody else is.."

    Take care...U people are the best of all:worthy:
  8. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    Pooky, it's been wonderful to read your story, very, very, happy for you, well done, you deserve the best.

    Just got to put something straight however, about God not loving us unconditionally and putting us through tests.......... God does love us unconditionally, no doubt about it. The tests come, not because of God - either His doing or failing to prevent them. They come because of how life is, and a lot of people blame God and become bitter.

    Anyway, this is perhaps something to be dealt with later, ......... my eyes are drooping I need to turn in
  9. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    A massive well done to you! You've really a lot to be proud of, thanks for the inspiring post x I hope this good run continues for you.
  10. pooky

    pooky Living with A Beautiful Mind...

    Hi all,

    Thank you all 4 replying..Today I visited my doc after 3 yrs... I have shed 7 kg of weight to 75 kg.I am planning to bring it down to 65-67 within 6 do that i will avoid junk food,eat more healthy food,walk more,..I am planning to buy a treadmill to do a bit jogging.

    I am rolling lol:yay:I am so happy today...i feel like i am the happiest person in the planet...
  11. pooky

    pooky Living with A Beautiful Mind...

    Thank you everyone for giving me the platform to express my thoughts and feelings.You people are simply great.

    Well,I am officially a graduate result was out today...My dad, girlfriend, friends, relatives are extremely happy for me.If everything goes according to plan then I will have a good paying starting salary job after two years.Hey, in today's economy a decent paying job will be matter what..according to me.

    Hearing that news ,my gf gave me a hug and my confidence level has greatly improved.

    These days I am busy socializing - either going to groceries, or to friend's house or to doc or just to visit my beautiful gf.My life is back on the right track.

    I will give my 100% effort to improve my life and also of those who are around me and also of those who truly need me.I will not disappoint anyone of you.

    Three yrs. ago someone told me,"don't say no".It has been exactly 3 yrs and I say YES to almost everything -

    1.Am I genuinely interested in socializing? yes,i have started to enjoy each n every moment of it.

    2.Am I loyal to my girlfriend? yes,i love my gf from the bottom of my heart n i am very loyal. i am rarely attracted to other girls.This is becuz i tell myself (in the mind) that so many people have trouble forming a relationship and I have a cute gf , then y should i go for somebody else.

    3.Do I really care about the well being of others? yes, put me in a test ..I will prove it at any given day(plus I think that bad things happen to good people ...(like me and mostly everyone else)),so I can understand ur situation n i am ready 2 sacrifice almost anything bad in me(i have done that a lot) that good things happen to good people.

    4.Do I really enjoy life? Yes, I can even see the thin ray of light(hope) even in the darkest of days.

    thanx everyone for my health,happiness,n positive outlook towards life.u people r truly wonderful.Hats off

    I am becoming more n more better everyday.I see the brighter side of life.I count my luck nd blessings.Thank you everyone.

    Bye for now.
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