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    one way or another my anxiety is going to kill me. i just want to bang my head against the wall. or go flapping my arms around screaming. i want to talk to my therapist she can usually calm me down. the shower didnt work, nor playing with my bird shes being a brat. and music isnt cutting it. i cant and wont let myself go for a drive cause when im like this i tend to see how fast i can push it around the corners and hills. been in the ditch once and many other close calls. any other ideas?
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    Can you talk to your therapist today? That would be good for you I reckon. Are you on any medication for it?

    Do you have any coping techniques that work for your anxiety? Not all methods work for everyone.

    Personally one thing that works for me, since my anxiety shows itself in not being able to breathe; I'll put a hand over my chest and try to concentrate on pushing my hand outward and back down... It helps me to focus on a slow breathing and that I am actually getting air into my lungs.

    My therapist wants me to use the 'Butterfly Hug' - where you cross your arms over your chest and gently press into your upper arms one at a time in a slow steady pace... that is supposed to calm the brain down via the cross stimulation.

    The 'Grounding method' works for my boyfriend.

    -Find 3 things you can see, describe them to yourself. Size? color? shape? etc?
    -Find 2 things you can touch, describe them to yourself. Texture? temperature? shape?
    -Find 1 thing to smell or taste, describe it to yourself. Taste/scent? if you tasted something what is the texture like?
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    Yes on medication and my psychsiatrist says it would take a couple of weeks to get in my system but its been amonth. This medication you have to do blood work with cause you can't go over a certain level to how your body absorbs it.i did try the breathing, not as the same you described it but same concept. And I did try the grounding. Taste, touch, smell, see, hear. Like I said i really love driving. But not when my anxiety is this high. I did make myself get up and do some cleaning before my meds kicked in. But only woke to being anxious as yesterday. I have to go to town to do a couple of things and I'm very careful about how I drive in town. But at least I will be driving for a little while. I would love to just pick and drive to my moms 12 hours away but I'm not use to the kind of traffic L.A. to San Diego has to offer. I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow so if I just can hold on till then. I know this is going to be what it is till I talk to the fraud department. And getting this matter finished. And I'm very sure my anxiety will drop tremendously.