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Yes or No?

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Is putting myself in a situation where i can help others and be possibly deeply hurt inside, a stupid move or one of closure?
I kinda see this forum like that, but the above question is unrelated to sf.
Answers on a postcard or below please.
Sorry, i have run out of prizes for the winning answer, but you can have a cyber hug. Ty.


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I think it's somewhere in the middle. Helping others isn't a stupid move at all, but I also think you need to do what you can to keep yourself safe. There's only so much you, or anyone, can do, and if something is going to cause you too much hurt, it's not a good idea because you don't deserve to be hurt.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm Alison, where is the middle? Do i not have to deal with it and be hurt to be able to find the closure and the strength to understand, forgive and to care?
I think that it is always a difficult choice, especially if we are not in a strong situation ourselves emotionally.

For me, I always try to help others, and at times, it has been very draining. I think that when someone is in a very weak state, they should accept and ask for help from others. When in a very strong state, help others as much as you can.

IF your helping someone is more personal, and you can get hurt in the process, you and only you can make a determination if it HAS to be done, and determine the hurt that you are willing to accept to get through it.

Sometimes, the only way to get better is to work through the pain, which may get worse during the process, so that you can get through to the other side healthily.

Just my .02


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I don't know. Sorry, I know that's completely useless as a response, but I'm really not sure. So much depends on what the situation is. Sorry for confusing you though, or making things even more complicated!


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Im one that will help anyone over myself, whether it be mental, financially, or something physical, so it could be dangerous if your the same as me.

Did that make sense?
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