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Yessss the good day is finally here!!

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Yep you heard it right, the day that Ive been waiting for is here!!!


Please let us be making the right decision by us and our kids, let this move bring on the positives in life and leave the negatives behind.

Now onto packing!!!!!!!

I wonder if I ran around the courthouse doing this if I would get fired?


I know let it all out is for bad, but I feel like I want to scream it to the world. So if you need to move admin its okay.


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congrats hon its the best thing for the best person im so happy that things are turning a corner for you hold on to that happiness ok xxxxxxxxxxxxx hugs


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Welcome back!! From a fellow Floridian...I just hope you adjust to the heat quickly..Actually it's been in thge high 70's here for the past week..
Congratulations - that is fantastic news - couldn't happen to a nicer or better person. Leave all that negativity behind, no more snow shovels either - woohoooo!

I'm so happy for you.

(does this mean we can all come visit and enjoy some sun?!)


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Thank you all!!! It means so much to have all your support.

You can all visit, just let me know so I can stock up on sunscreen, lol.



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Hey hey this sounds like great news :D :stars: All the best wishes through the move and new place :D God I love new places, they're so.. new and fresh, anythings possible :D


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nice to hear someone so happy ...so thanks for sharing..and well done and congratulations on a positive move.:stars: good luck to you and family
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