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    I reside in indiana for the time being. (wont way what city for confidentiality purposes.) and winter is fast approaching for the midwest. I have been really stressed about mid terms for grad school and caring for my mom since my dad died and just family in general. So, with it being such a nice day I decided and am going to again after I write this, to meditate in the Uni campus near some trees in the sun. While doing this I went to youtube and put on some really calming relaxing music. (searched "relaxation music") and i just sat there. concentrating on my breathing, in and out. letting my mind go blank. it took about 10 mins to get to blank but i got there and i felt pretty stress free for a while after that. Im not talking like all day but the next 1-2 hours definitely. and any break from stress you can get is worthwhile, especially with such a pay off. Well right now I have my eyes on a nice cozy corner outside under trees. I think I will make my way there now. hope this helps :)
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    I am really glad you are feeling much better. I sometimes too put on meditation at night and it's just so relaxing and mostly sends me to sleep lately. I hope you feel on meditating and continue to feel better after doing so! Best of luck! It is always nice to read positive things on the forum!