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yesterday :)


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i went for a walk with my dog for about an hour, it was mostly uphill and the dog loves to pull on the lead so you know i got a good work out from it! :laugh:

i also spent about half an hour on and off on the treadmill and after all that exercise i felt really good :smile: even my sister said she noticed a difference in me

im not really sure why im posting this, just wanted to share my good news :smile:

Well done bunny! :biggrin:

In most cases exercise can make us feel better! thats why alot of doctors etc, suggest taking up a sport when depressed as its meant to help :smile:

Sounds like your dog took you for a walk rather than the other way round :ohmy: :laugh:

Keep up the good work :smile:

Vikki x :hug:


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just like for a car to work u gotta 1srt get behind the wheel and put it in gear. the body is the same a vessel that needs to be put in gear to work. good stuff
ur body chemistry is probably very excited to get flowin

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