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I've been going to school for so long, feels like. Tried college but failed due to...lack of concentration? And things bothering me. And just feeling like Academia's not for me. Spending a long time reading books and writing long papers about things I don't care about and that have nothing to do with my life just doesn't work, especially when I have stuff going on, which is the case most of the time.

Stuff going on like, I need some friends real bad. Like, real, real bad. I've got some online friends, people I care about a lot, but none who live close by, none I can hang out with. Upside with the internet is I can make friends more easily, and find people more like me, downside is I may never meet them :/
I'm trying to figure out how to make irl friends, joined a political party and browsing suitable websites for local meets. This is all just not at all the issue I want to bring up here, though. So I don't know why I brought it up. Oh, yeah, to explain school!

So, I really don't feel like going back to uni and spending at least 3 years on a bachelor. I'm 26, and I know people much, much older than that start college and that's great and normal, but ugh, I'd rather avoid it.

Are there any good jobs I could get without a degree? I'm seeing a coach about this soon, and I could (and do, unsuccessfully) research it on my own, but if anyone's more clever (HAH!) about this than I am... by good job I don't mean a job that will make me rich, just something that will pay the bills, pay for fun stuff, and isn't soul-drenching and meaningless...that last one is probably the greatest obstacle...I'll have to go back to college, won't I? :mad:
People who feel suicidal are very often dealing with a disability like depression, or several disabilities.

If that's the case with you, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation. Voc. Rehab. can counsel you about what jobs are available, what your interests are, and perhaps most important, what's a best fit for what you need.

They can also give you assistance with job-related training.

Meeting people...I'm not sure what the best way to do that is. It could be that over time that you can arrange some meet-ups with people that you know online.


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There are training programs / vocational training opportunities for a lot of different jobs. If you are looking at completely unskilled labor then making much more than minimum wage will be a challenge and pretty much the only challenge of the position. If willing to consider training programs (real ones- not the internet or learn at home from for profit training places advertised on TV and FB that are pretty much all a big scam) then ther eis a lot available. If you like people and interact well with people you can make an excellent living in sales without having formal education as many places do there own sales training, but living on a commission is a high stress thing for many people.


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Have you got a job or are you currently looking for work? If so carry with your current job or looking for one and see how thing s progress with it and then work your way up the ladder. have you thought online study programmes, perhaps look up something that's for general interest (art, psychoogy, sociology, english, IT, science, language studies) and then see how things progress.

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