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:welcome: to SF. When you are more comfortable, I would love to know more about you. Take your time to get acquaited here. We are a friendly bunch. :hug:

jane doe

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hey welcome to the forum, i know you´ll find here the support you need. i´m here so you can pm me at any time if you want to talk. i´m sorry for my english i´m from argentina and we speak spanish here. anyway take care:)


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Welcome to the forum.:smile: Don't worry about being anonymous - that's your choice. We're a good lot here: good at listening, good at reaching out, good at supporting. Glad you found us. When I found this place it literally saved my life. It was overwhelmingly wonderful to find people who cared about me - sight unseen! I hope you enjoy our company.:smile:

love and hugs,

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