You always have it worse....

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  1. meaningless-vessel

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    It doesn't matter what I can possibly have a little whine about - whether it's a lack of sleep or anything else - there's always a way you have of making me feel inadequate with it. I mentioned just this morning about having eyes closed but not really sleeping, and you're saying you were up to the loo every couple of hours and I just wanted to blow a fuse...

    It really does irritate me every single time - bearing in mind you are aware that I'm gonna be at my workplace for 14.5 hours today - after this lack of sleep - and you've got it worse? Stop making me feel so small with my moans - and that I have to just "get on with it".... Do you not remember that fatigue is one part of the potential symptoms of my condition as well? So I may need more damn sleep than you.

    Gah - my mum can drive me bonkers at times....
  2. soulreaper

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    sleep is important, it isn't right that your mom has no compassion for you. I hope you find the much needed rest you desire.