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You are beautiful.

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I wish we would stop comparing ourselves.

I want you to know that you ARE beautiful.

we are all different. so why do our bodies need to be the same?

There is no set definition to beautiful. We are all beautiful.


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lol im butiful aswell:Leiaha:.
That's the spirit!!! :hug: I hope you are having a great day!! :moonwalk:

Every time I read this thread, I automatically think of "Beautiful" (a song) and its lyrics in this part:

"We are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words can't bring us down
We are beautiful in every single way"


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I wish people would stop telling me that in this...voice, this manner...they say my figure is good...but if it is good now, this means that it wasn't before i was "that skinny"...Soppuse there is no right way to tell a bodydosmorphobic that he's beautifull...but i get what you mean and i'm thankfull you posted it...
I love what you wrote, I try to remind myself that a garden full of only one type of flower if less beautiful than a garden full of variety and colors.

Now, my challenge is to see the flower that I am as beautiful even though it doesn't conform to what is "supposed" to be beautiful according to media, culture, and my self-loathing.
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