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You can't always get what you want.

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by down quark, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. down quark

    down quark New Member

    Hi Peeps, I'm a newbie here. I'm 50, male, have three kids who hate me, and a bitter wife, am on disability with a horrible incurable terminal disease.
    Of course nobody understands. My Family back home in Canada thinks I can just get my butt on a plane and visit them anytime; I mean why not, I'm NOT THAT SICK and I can afford it. They are older and Italian, so it's me being the prick for not coming home every 3 months to sit around while they ignore me. I can barely walk. Last time I went home I was in a wheelchair and got good ground transportation so it was "easy" for me, so see ya in a month or two OK honey, we love you.
    They can't always get what they want
    I can't always give what people ask of me
    I'm here to say it's true, you can't measure the ability of a moving object's direction and velocity at the same time because the act of getting information on one changes the other.
    So when I move, I have to plan on going somewhere, but may never start out or ever reach my intended destination. If i can get out of bed by someone holllering at me when they see me still in bed, i might just fall right back down in bed, or I might just be able to pull myself up and move. First to the pill bottles, that's a no brainer and defies Heisenbergs principles, same velocity and direction every six hours (assuming that i start out in bed). Then i sit like "an electron in a box" in front of the computer to check out how many peopel I have annoyed by posting on bloggs like this. Then I feed my body (the odd time I don't have to open a can of Hormel chile, and actually get a meal cooked by beloved bitter wife, who works as much as she can, even though we don't NEED the money. Then the two kids who are left at home come back from school, lear at me then head straight up to their rooms, rarely seen again for the night. Wife comes home, doesn't talk too much to me. When we were young and healthy, i was her best friend, her lover and caretaker, we joked and talked for hours on end, ate great meals, cooked by me, cleanup by her. The 3 kids came, it was OK for awhile, but all love stopped when "the monster" showed up.
    After that, i just couldn't always get what I wanted. And when a spoiled adult can't get what they want, well, you try sometimes and ya get what you NEED (the operative word here being "sometimes", which BTW can be "never" for some things.
    So kids, that's old down quark's uncertainty principle
    "You can't measure the direction and the total happiness of a human particle because any attempt to quantize one aspect is flawed by uncertainties in the other aspect.
    Maybe the large 100 $billion atom smasher set to come on line in Geneva this year will answer the gretaest question as yet unanswered to humankind. That being "is intelligent life really intelligent":blink: orvoir mon cherries. dquark
  2. zaraki

    zaraki Active Member

    I know you can barely walk, but have you tried all getting together and having a family meal? Maybe you can talk about school or tell an interesting story to get everyone in a good mood. Maybe you just need to tell them--or at least your wife--your problems. Tell her you wanted what you used two used to have, a happy and loving conversation, before its too late.

    Maybe it hurts them too, knowing what the disease will do. Maybe they are just trying to find their own way to survive and not having to think about the outcome. But, if they're doing that, it's hurting you too. You need to tell them these feelings so that they can understand. So that you can have many memories together before its too late. Live your life to the fullest. What else do you have to lose, right? Try to make things better instead of just basking in sorrow. I'm sure deep down inside, your kids really do love you and your wife is in as much pain as you are in.
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