You changed me

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  1. ish_me153

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    You fill my heart on cloudy days,
    I never thought I could trust anyone again
    You changed my mind when you came into my life
    And now everything’s okay.
    I used to be filled with sadness and denial
    Your love for me changed how I see the world
    And for that I am truly grateful
    Your love for me is forever there
    You helped me to forget my past
    And now I don’t feel so suicidal
    I love you more with each passing day
    My heart aches for you
    I just want to be in your arms
    You make every worry fade away
    We’ve never met, yet still we yearn
    To be with one another
    And now a new path for me has been lain
    I shall walk hand in hand with you
    Till the end of time
    I am yours and you are mine
    We shall forever be together
    You changed me
    And I never thought anyone could
    You changed me
    And for that I am forever grateful
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    aww,so beautiful :hug:
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