You Failure.

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  1. Smashed__

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    fuck it.

    My birthday is next week and I have nothing I want, nothing to show for my age, and nothing to be proud of. I still have no one who actually understands how serious I consider suicide on a daily basis.

    I feel like i've gone over it a considerate manner. If i were to kill myself I'd want to leave my room clean, take a shower, leave the ferrets cage clean and pretty, any cash I have, and of course a long meaningless letter. I'd throw out anything I wouldn't want found. Perhaps mail a letter to him, letting him know he helped tie the knot which sealed my fate? heh theres a warm comforting thought.

    With my luck I would have no peace, knowing i'd kill my mother on the inside. I guess i'll continue to hold onto that. I have a good family..why can't I be someone in my eyes?
  2. Spearmint

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    :hug: Dresden..I don't have any words for you that'll make it all better, but I am around if you need an ear.
  3. ~CazzaAngel~

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    Hey hun. I am sorry you are struggling so. I know it isn't an easy thing to go on in life everyday feeling that you aren't some body or you don't matter, and you feel awful and think about ways out. I wish that life for some of us wasn't so miserable. I can't say I have a magic instant cure, but I can say that if you feel like talking about anything at all, you are always welcome to PM me on here or add me to MSN, even if you just want to chat about something to distract yourself, that's OK too. Try to hang in there and stay safe hun. :hug:

    PS; You have to be OK, you're my chocolate buddy! :eek:hmy::wink: