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    I rea;lly dont ;like you. You and a;ll the b;lind fo;llowing reading foo;ls ;like you. I know it's your job and youre on;ly reporting on a resu;lt made by others, but i dont care. You spea;k words so definitive, so harmful .. you follow a line that is tied together with assumption and defined and then some more! you accept these peoples conclusions, you report on them.. YOU fuckers! how dare you fuckign call her that! you know SHIT. fucking telephone game! were you there? oh my fucking god are all your reports like this? are everyones reports like this? fuck they must be! fuck you! ...sigh.. i know you're doing your job.. but you know what? piss off. does it make you feel better?! do you feel you've suceeded by being informative? god id grab you by the throat and squeeze if you were here. Id kick you to the fucking floor and beat the shit out of you, look you in the fucking eyes and say report on this, atleast you were here, not 100 miles away reading a fucking piece of paper somoene gave to you saying this is how it is, WHICH IT WASNT! ..

    sigh.. i have no quarel with you.. i know.. but ...sigh.. roll with the punches.. .. sigh.. yeah fuck you i aint letting any of your bullshit affect me again, not you, not anyones. You know fuck all about the truth in this matter. I just hate that people read your lies.. .. i hate you hurting the person i love..
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    Blake :sad: :hug: :hug:
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    thanks terry :hug:

    got to go to sleep now.. fucked up world. .. meh.. don't mean i have to be.