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You know what, fuck it, Im done.

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by wibble, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. wibble

    wibble Well-Known Member

    Right, Im really really fucking fed up right now. For months now, I've been trying to meet someone who actually cares about me, and can look past how I look. I finally thought I'd met someone who could do that.

    It turns out Im deluding myself.

    So I finally get the balls up to ask a girl out, she says yes, I get pissed about for weeks and then she finally gives me "lets just be friends"

    So you know what, fuck it all. Fuck my religion, fuck my so called friends, fuck my family, fuck everything. I am so sick of this shit, all I want is someone to love me, is that really so fucking much to ask?

    Im done, I finally am. I just want to die, all i need is one more reason. One more thing goes wrong for me, I'm promising myself I will end up blowing my brains out. The only choice I have left now is 12 gauge or 20 gauge.
  2. Synesthetic Soul

    Synesthetic Soul Well-Known Member

    Don't do it. Please don't. People will miss you. I know you feel lonely and stuff but you have us! I'm sure there are plenty of people here that would be devistated to lose you and I'm one of them. Please, try to calm down. I know you've hard a hard time, but ending it isn't the answer. You can work through it!
  3. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    hi. i am sick of stuff too. i think the only reason i hold on, at times, is the fact that one of my biggest flaws is - i procrastinate! i am NOT even joking. totally serious.

    just to say- most of us, all of us i guess, here at s.f. know how you feel. and add in a romantic relationship fiasco to the mix and it is rock bottom. man i know that situation.

    it is positive that you reached out. so keep reaching to us. there is always someone here.

    i am sorry that things are so bad right now - but you can talk about them here. pm me, pm others on here. and we can try to help. we can listen. we can offer support. we can at times, offer suggestions. we can all stick together because i think we are good people. . . . !

    i care what happens to you, hun. :hug:
  4. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    It just isn't the right time. I am sure a young lady will enter your life. You just haven't met her yet. You will know when the time IS right. She will send you messages like a certain look in her eyes, her body language, her reaching out to touch you while your talking, etc. etc. etc.
    Don't give up on life just because things are moving slow. As far as the other girl goes why not take her up on her offer. What do have to loose? You will gain another friend and once you get to know each other then your conversations can get a little more intimate where you can ask her for advice on what you can do to attract women. Whos going to give you better advice than a woman? Don't be so hard on your self. They can pick up on negative thoughts and will avoid you. Stay Safe!!~Joseph~
  5. porcelain child

    porcelain child Well-Known Member

    A nice girl who loves you for who you are will come along.. it takes time.. you just gotta keep going out there and no give up... no one can love you if your dead...

  6. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hello Wibble,

    Don't give up. Maybe you try too hard? Have some patience, and be friends first..then see if there's anything between ye :arms:
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