You know what would be very nice?

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    You know what would be very nice? If I could just drop dead and never have to worry about things anymore.
    That would be nice but it’s impossible. Why?
    Because I just don’t have the guts to ask for it. But I will; one day I will and one day It’ll been Him asking for it.
    See, I slipped. I slipped because I’m such a looser who everything he does is wrong even when it’s supposed to be right. See I proved to Him that I was right for once, and what do I get? No applauses, no ‘Good job boy’ no, no no no no no no!!! NO! What do I get? I get this; two fucking kicks in the guts and one big fucking punch in the chest and a threat that next time it’ll be harder and it’ll hurt worse. Yay! What a goddam fucking sonofabitch. I’m yelled at for not doing his fucking sandwich, c’mon -> asshole you’re 40 now. I’m yelled at just for not knowing how to use a fucking skillsaw. I do stuff the right way; I get yelled at. I’m yelled at for simply shutting of a television screen when it isn’t b I look like a fucking handyman to you?
    Great bloody life. Yelled at; hit; imprisoned in this bloody house all day, if I recall right everyday since I’ve arrived here; 14 months ago! Yup; 14 months, I go to school then I come home. I never leave the school BUILDING, I never leave this house. Fun heh? Didn’t think so.
    I’ve got no friends; wonder why? Because I’m not in the ability to go out and socialize; that’s the funniest part. Here’s something even nicer; he yells at Her – his wife for fucking sakes, someone to whom he vowed TO LOVE AND CARE FOR – not to HATE AND YELL AT.
    Ah well; I guess I must just be born under the wrong star.
    Fuck this life; I’m dead.
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    :hug: Theory, Im always here if you need to talk :hug:
  3. Anime-Zodiac

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    It's wrong what your going through. Is their someone like a member of family who can help you out?