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You know whats irritating!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by painsource, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. painsource

    painsource Well-Known Member

    People that want to kill themselves because of basic problems that happen to everyone!My girlfirend left me I'm going to kill myself!I lost my job I'm going to kill myself!Im not doing good in school im going to kill myself!I have no friends Im going to kill myself!America has the weakest people on the planet.Check it out on google.US has the highest rate of mental illness.Suicide should be your last option not something you consider when one bad thing happens to you!Also why doesnt anyone list there fucking problems instead of saying im goign to kill myself over and over.List why you want to kill your self so maybe someone can help you.And if you dont have anything else to say besides things will get better thatn dont respond at all!But you know what tops of my irritation list.....those stupid fucking hugging faces that some people use in there responses!!
  2. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    I believe I understand your point. However, people have different thresholds for coping with their problems. It is not in anyone's best interest to judge how others deal and are affected.

    This post is hostile, ominous and scattered.

    What response are you searching for?

    I hope you find your peace.
  3. painsource

    painsource Well-Known Member

    Im not looking for any response.I dig the hostile,ominous and scattered part though.
  4. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    I see.

    Well, good luck to you.
  5. painsource

    painsource Well-Known Member

    BTW,your judging my post are you not.I could just be a raving lunitic who hasnt been on meds for weeks.Do you think it was cool of you to do that.Do i not have a right to say what I want here?
  6. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    What might be a basic problem to you, could be a huuuuuuuge problem to someone else. It all depends on how you see it.
    About listing the problems, some people don't really like to talk about what goes on in their life, or others might not know what the problem really is, they just know how they feel. And, you've been judging everyone else's posts, from what I can tell, so why is it bad to judge yours? Yes, you do have the right to say what you want, to an extent, everyone does.

    Anyways. I hope you find what you're looking for, take care.
  7. kindtosnails

    kindtosnails Staff Alumni

    Sometimes it's the stupid little things that are easier (or possible) to put into words. You may not always be (reading) the whole picture. Bad grammar/spelling gets my goat, but i'm not going to have a rant at you. Want to tell us what's really going on?
  8. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Hey there, you're welcome to have your own opinions but I agree with what has been said already. Everyone has their own individual threshold and some can handle things better than others. It's not for us to say what is a basic problem for other people because obviously, if they are feeling suicidal it's not a basic problem for them.

    As for people talking about their problems instead of saying, "I want to kill myself" etc, some people come onto these forums really distressed and some may not even want to talk about why they're feeling how they are. Could be embarrassment, maybe they are worried they are bothering people or feel it doesn't matter, because they feel that they don't matter, maybe it's for security reasons and they are scared people in real life are going to track them down on SF, or maybe they think members on SF are going to judge them etc the list is endless.
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  9. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    I was not attacking. I was, I agree, judging your post, yes. I was not, however, judging you.

    You put your words up for judgement and essentially asked for it by posting on a public forum.

    Certainly you can say what you want (as long as it doesn't break the rules, of course). As can I.

    I simply believe people deal with things differently and have different capacities for what they can handle.

    Again, best of wishes to you and I hope you find peace. You can PM me anytime.
  10. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    Mental illness is not a weakness, it's an illness, it's not the person who has it's fault that they do.

    How do you know that when someone comes here saying something like they're suicidal because their girl friend left them, that wasn't just the final straw? they might not talk about other things but that could be just because as they became most suicidal when she left thats what they're focused on. When you have a life time full of shit then suicide does seem like an easy way to go, it's not the right way though, to me that would be seeking help and support, finding someone who will listen to you as best they can, maybe even offer a hug, the intention is good enough when real ones are impossible.

    When someone is in crisis it's not always easy to produce flowing lines of prose, if they can explain why they're feeling so bad as to want to kill themselves then fine, if not, also fine. Maybe it would be bad for some to talk about exactly what triggered them, and they need to take their minds off it and that can be much easier said than done. Or maybe they don't even know what set them off in the first place.

    It's not up to us to judge people reasons for, or ways of expressing, their feelings, just be glad they're reaching out for support at all.
  11. roro

    roro Well-Known Member

    there's no such thing as "mental illness" just "illness. period"
    all illnesses are caused by disease, mental illness is just a disease that attacks the brains or nervous systems. pain is relative and everyones pain threshold is different.

    I have a physical disease, liver disease, lyme disease, and spinal degeneration and am on very strong pain killers, and still in pain. but i dont think my pain is any "worse" than some teenager who feels misunderstood by their parents or just lost their boyfriend of three whole months. they have every right to express their pain as I do. and with all theri raging hormones, maybe what they are feeling really IS worse than what I am feeling right now. I am not going to judge, just try to help every way I can.

    i think the US has the most mental illness because:
    1. our govt has experimented on us with so much germ warfare that we are all mentally ill
    2. in 3rd world countries people are dying of simple infections and dot have antibiotic, so they are not focusing on mental illness
    3. in 3rd world countries people are more worried where they will get their next meal, so cant focus on mental illness.
  12. livingdeath

    livingdeath Active Member

    To Painsource: Here's what's even more irritating ...

    ... someone who can't spell common one-syllable words and posts messages claiming that suicidal feelings are a sign of weakness.

    Try living in pain 24/7 -- pain that doesn't respond to medication or treatment -- for several years (or decades); then write back and tell us again how suicidality is a weakness -- after you learn basic English.
  13. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    Like said before pain is relative and every one handles it differently. So trying to generalize people who want to die for the reasons you mentioned as weak is illogical and rude too. If you find suicidal people irritating then this isn't the site for you. Do you really need to make post criticizing people and making them feel worse? screw you.
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  14. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    Im actually sorry that u feel so hostile in a way if a person says they want to die irrespective to their own personaol reasons we should all listen WHY? becouse we have all felt it to and we like so many others look for somebody to offer understanding to those thoughts i could list you the reasons as to why i joined SF but maybe a little of that is about trust, we all choose what we want to share and we do it over time with those we decide to trust but we should all be supportiung each other here whether we choose to share details or not why? Becouse we are all suffering so lets support each other we really dont need to know why we just know how bad we are feeling lets face it we wouldnt be here if we didnt pm anytime and TC
  15. tired eric

    tired eric Member

    I actually agree with a small part of what the author posted in this thread, though the anger and syntax in his message is clearly juvenile. I too was strongly contemplating suicide. However, the more I read many of the posts in here, the more I had no desire to be viewed in the same light as many who post in here. Certainly, many people need medication to win their battle with depression and like any illness, true recovery may be difficult or impossible without it.

    However, this site does strive to encourage people to live by assisting them through written exchange and motivation. What helped motivate me was to not appear anything like the many who post here. There are numerous exceptions, but those claiming their life is over due to a string of problems, that are not unlike what many have dealt with, motivated me to pick myself up and start dealing with things instead of whining and feeling sorry for myself. I especially did not want to be the person that no matter what anyone suggests to help, they find some negative to counter its merit. I looked at myself using the lens that I looked at others in here and I did not like what I saw. Now that was not unusual, as I had not liked myself for years. What made the difference is I was able to view how I might appear to others witnessing my depression. I got angry at my sadness so to speak, though that may not make a lot of sense.

    I am certain it may not be so easy for folks who are bi-polar or suffer more serious illness. However, for my depression, as sad and depressed as I was, it worked. I still get sad, and when I do, I have to admit I come in here read a couple posts and say to myself, "oh no, I am not going to be that again."

    Sorry this is not the typical touchy-feely approach, but it is the honest truth.
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  16. Innocent

    Innocent Guest

    Great post Bunny.

    And being suicidal or depressed is not a weakness, with all the things many of us on this forum has had to go through....we are much stronger than we know..
    We may not feel strong but we are.
  17. This is a suicide forum. Perhaps you might it more fulfilling posting your thoughts on a homicide forum where your "insights" are more appropriate. :mellow:

    ps....stfu !
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  18. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    What you listed are minor things that add to a major situation. Yes I'll admit some people will think their life is over if they get dumped...but for real sufferers getting dumped just adds to the lists of the shit things in their life.
    You may read a single post of someone, but you DONT know them, so dont judge them, you dont know what their life has involved.

    That one post might be about how their they split with their bf and dont want to live, but they probably dont want to live because of one bad thing after another in their life. And people here can use what ever emotions they like including :hug: it's a sweet one. So before you take your anger out on everyone else here, I think you need to have a hard look at yourself, stop judgeing everyone, and leave it be!
  19. bumper

    bumper Well-Known Member

    I think it's really cool how you insult people in a weak attempt at make yourself feel better.

    I also think it's cool how you judge people and put them down without knowing anything about them. That's awesome! You're the man!!!!!
  20. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    Can people please not throw insults at each other here, if it continues the offening posts will be removed and if it still persists, this thread will be closed.