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You know...when...

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Okay me and shatteredsoul...go to the same school, and we had decided to see who would like us...Because we are tired of liking guys, that we have no chance with...so we went to plentyoffish.com and now we have told each other that we have no life...

I wanted to share what was happening in my day today...its going pretty good..i have to say...I have one new message from a cute guy...I wanted to share...

I think it's really good that you're happy but I also think you should be careful about relying on guys for happiness, because when they let you down it can rip through you so badly.
Try to find a little happiness within yourself and take it from there.

The saying "how can I expect someone to love me when I can't even love myself" is so true.


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I think you should be very carefull meeting guys on the internet. You never know what or who you are getting mixed up with..There are too many predators now adays and it just keeps getting worst..
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