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    I give up ok. I'm try to help, thats all I do. And its never good enough. You want to isolate, you want to be a miserable pr@t...then fine, do it. I DONT CARE. Hope you're happy when you've pushed everyone away again. Try remembering how depressed you were last year...sitting in that little flat. You wanna go back to that again??? Cos thats where you're heading. I've done nothing but try to help you over last few weeks, despite everything. And yea, you're right, you've been a pr@t, you've hurt me. More fool me for allowing you too, eh? Not anymore. Enjoy the pathetic life you are creating for yourself.
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    I can probably guess who this is about :hug:

    You know where i am if you wanna talk xxx
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    Some times a slap across the face can help, some times not.

    Hope you chose wisely ?
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