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You laughed.

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Hey all,

This is a short poem I just wrote for my soon to be ex-wife.

Yes, I've been drinking.

No, I did not bother to proofread or adjust it.

I just let my fingers do the talking, and crying, and this is what came out.

"You Laughed"

"You laughed at everything.

I tried to put so much fun in this life of ours.

I tried to add adventure.

I tried to add excitement.

But you laughed.

At everything

When I got excited about moving to Carolina,
When Tim McGraw sang the song "Everywhere",
And I related to it and loved it,

You laughed.

When I got fired up about the trip,
and wanted to get away from life itself,
with nothing but our love for each other to drive us into the future,

You laughed.

When I came up with "The Great Adventure",
Something we could live our whole life for,
and never be apart, experiencing all the world could offer,

You laughed.

You laughed at my dreams.

You laughed at my fantasies.

You laughed at ME.

All everything I dreamed of was nothing but a joke.

Nothing but something for you to laugh at.

And now neither of us has anything to laugh about.

My world is over, yes I took that from a song.

I might as well be dead, yes I took that from a movie.

But they all meant something to me.

And yet, all you could do, ALL YOU COULD DO...

Was laugh.

I wonder if you'll be laughing now that we're apart, never to be together, ever again."

Divorce is soon, my life is over. What do I have to live for? I guess I'll wait and find out.

This hurts.

This sucks.

I hate existance. I hate everything.

Thanks for listening.

Re: You lauged.

In my haste I failed to spell "laughed" correctly in the title of this thread. If a mod could correct it for me, I would be most grateful. Thank you.


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..some people are just too into the satus quo...

...but..in my mind marriage should be something where both people encourage each other with their dreams...and......everything she laughed at...

..this comment probably won't help you at all..

but...i'm sorry....that she did all that..

..comments can always be deleted if unappreciated.
- Henry
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