You Make Me So Angry

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    Just fucking everything makes me so angry lately. Arrogant people seem to be fucking everywhere around me all of a sudden and I can't stand arrogance. My dad won't get the fuck off of me about money and a job, I hate the town I'm in too. I want to move ASAP and might be moving with my fiance to north carolina with my aunt and uncle.
    The main thing that's been stressing me out lately is my fiance's college. He hates it. He fucking hates it and wants to quit. His mom is a selfish bitch and doesn't care how he feels, she's forcing him to stay in school. She doesn't even give a shit about his career he's working to get. He's amazing at graphic design and thats the whole reason he's going to school, but they put him in classes that he's too advanced for. He should be designing logos like he does in his fucking DOWN TIME, not glueing sticks and rocks together. He designed my dad's website logo for fucks sake.
    His mom has no support in his graphic design. He'll show her something he made and she'll just pretend to be interested but it's painfully obvious she doesn't give a shit. She's even told him she thinks he can't do it. She has so little faith in everything he does. I told him to quit college for a little while and focus on getting a job, but I know there's no fucking way she's going to let that happen. She expects him to work AND go to school, which is impossible for him. He can handle so little stress he melts down if he has too much homework. He gets depressed and she just acts like he's faking it.
    If this situation gets worse I don't care what he says, we're leaving this town with his car, his laptop, and all of his stuff so she can't fucking TAKE IT AWAY.
    She doesn't even pay for his graphic design supplies. MY parents pay for it all. You know what her retort to that was when he told her my dad bought him photoshop and his other supplies for it? "Well just remember we pay for gas." Fucking SERIOUSLY?!? You're so god damn pathetic it makes me wanna PUKE. She doesn't even pay for gas anymore either. She'll give him like, $30 every once in a while for a little bit of gas.
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    Your fiance is so fortunate to have you in his life...his mother sounds so selfish and self centered...but she has to live with there anyway he can transfer to another college without losing his time and opportunity, maybe a technical Institute which specializes in graphic design? That way you can move and he can remain in school
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    Always remember having a degree makes getting a job easier, especially when you are young or entry-level. It shows you have an understanding of the basics and the core principles. You will also make more money than those without a degree or cert of some kind.

    You say he is too advanced. Well this will teach him to humble himself a bit. Artists are a dime a dozen. You can fire a graphic designer and have no problem finding a replacement. His and your attitude of how he is just too good will get you nothing. Well it will get you jobs being the cheap guy. It will make it so that you can only freelance and contract. In a saturated industry, how good you are actually does not matter. How well liked you are matters more.
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    I'm just frustrated with our parents not butting out of our business. We're trying to earn money but they won't stop pushing and prodding