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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by hadenuff, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. hadenuff

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    My symptoms
    Ran over by cement truck 8 years ago. Severe head trauma has left me with a feeling that I cant get away from. I have loose stool almost all the time. I don't have a regenerative sleep. The feeling inside my head is extreme. Its like a band wraped around my head. I have only felt content for about 5 hrs in the last 8 yrs and I think about those hrs all the time!! I dont enjoy anything and have become an a$$hole to others. I've been to doctors and have spent about 6k on neuro tests. No one has an answer...until now. I went to a lady that is from germany I think. Here in nova scotia canada she is considered a massage therapist but back in her home country she is considered a doctor. So to treat me she had these metal objects. I would hold this metal rod and she would have a gadjit and wave it over me like a tricorder! but it didn't make that cool sound. She said she could measure the stress or tension with it. I didn't believe it and kinda thought to myself"what a freak!" As she waved this over my forehead...not waved but held it there. The closer this thing got to my head the more I could feel ....some sort of pain between my eyes. So this is where things started to happen! She started aquepucter on my ears. She put in 3 per side then measured again. afew more and measured again. So the pain was gone. This ear thing was terrific! It was the best I had felt for a long time! It cost $90/45mins though. So I'm going to go when I can afford it. I strongly urge EVERYONE to find someone who can do this for you. She used little clips that look like minature key rings instead of needles and left them in for 1 week! So I'll be going back soon. PLease do this!!
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    first off :welcome: to the forum. secondly, i'm glad you found something that works for you. i found ECT for myself a couple of months ago and it's something i swear by as well. good thing this stouf is out there. take care and keep it up
  3. hadenuff

    hadenuff New Member

    Thanks for the welcome
    I looked up her info here it is so you know what to look for in your area.

    A Different Touch Health Clinic
    Anky Aarts imtc,RMT,CST
    advanced osteopathic therapies-craniosacral-viseral manipulation-emotional/trauma release therapy
    902 492 2256
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