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you MUST trry this


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you must, I have never felt like this before, never never never

i feel as if my mind is wrapped in warm blankets, a warm bath of peace and calm

Patrick Holfords Chill food supplement, wow this stuff should be illegal, anyway it contains:

all my pain,loneliness and anxiety, every worry and care I had is blocked off, I feel so awesome, what the hell is happening? I got through the whole day at work without crying or freaking out, I feel so calm and level headed,im going to die alone AND I DONT CARE ANYMORE! please you must do yourself a favour and try it, I cant keep this to myself if you could all feel like this it would make me so happy, just dont overdose I dont know what might happen if you do, I hope i dont develop an immunity to this stuff, im going to have such a deep deep sleep tonight
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I haven't tried that, but I have tried Gaba, passion flower, and 5htp for anxiety. Gaba and phenibut work the best for me, but I've also had good results with passion flower. I'm glad you found something that works for you :D

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