You say that to me??!?!

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  1. Right U R Ken

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    For two years you call me when you're down, sometimes crying and I listen!! I listened everytime!! You talk about how you're going to kill yourself even knowing how I feel about you. And I listen!! I listen and I don't judge. I don't yell at you to get over it. I always listen and I'm always gentle.

    So what happens when I'm down and I call you and say I need a friendly voice??? You tell me to shut my trap!!? You tell me it's time to grow up?? What the Fuck?! You of all people say that to me?!!? I'm right when I think that it's time for me to just end it. Then my "trap" will be shut forever. Maybe soon...
  2. Petal

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    :hug: im sorry you were hurt.
  3. The_Discarded

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    i hope your trap won't be shut forever anytime soon :mellow:

    that sucks, though. i know the feeling. people can be rather self-centered and insensitive.

    sorry you were treated that way, but you're worth more than you probably feel you are right now :hug:
  4. andyc68

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    i'm sorry your feeling the hurt of not having your kindness and understanding returned Ken :hug:
  5. 247j

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    I can relate to this post very much.

    When I was going through depression a year or so ago my girl friend always helped me out she really really helped me all the time never judged me was always there when I needed her the most.

    The she weant through the same thing and I pushed her away didn't tell her to shut up but believe me I wasn't helpful.

    The thing to remember is that person does love you sometimes it's just when the tables are turned and the person who is ALWAYS there to help you is depressed and you could risk losing them it's very scary and sometimes hard to handle.

    Am not saying it's right you were treat the way you was but like me for example the thought of me losing my gf was to much to cope with and me being as depressed as I was was in no way able to help her or deal with the thought of losing her.


    Hope things work out for you.

  6. Right U R Ken

    Right U R Ken Well-Known Member

    This is more than not getting understanding and support back from someone I gave it too. This was someone I thought I was going to have future with. We're not in a relationship right now because of a couple of things I can't go in to. But it's something we were working toward. But now this puts major doubt on the idea of us being together ever. On my end I have to reconsider if I want to be with someone who can't be supportive when I need it. And on her end I have major doubts about her feelings now. The way she was talking to me. More than being unsupportive. It was like she didnt' want anything to do with me anymore. Sick of me. I don't know but it seems that way now. And I'm sick of it all too. To many years of disappointment. I'm tired of trying.
  7. 247j

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    Sorry if I offended you.

    Have you tried speaking to her maybe she is having a really bad day?
    Or has this happened several times?
    What has she said if you have confronted her?

    Is it possible to talk things through?

  8. If this is about the person you've been speaking of in your other recent thread, then you are on your way Away. I only wish it were a shorter trip for you, to spare you further pain :sad:

    But don't stop walking...

  9. andyc68

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    this must be really hard on you Ken, to have someone who was going to be your future treat you like this and make you doubt can be painful.
    maybe it will be in your best interests to clear the air with her and see where it goes, you don't need to be dealing with self doubt on top of other things, call it closure or a new start on things but you need to put yourself first if not this will eat away at you.

    the one thing we all need is help,support and understanding from those we love or are close to, to carry on not knowing if someone will be there for you or as you said ' is sick of you' isn't good for you.

    i understand the disapointment but don't blame yourself, its not your fault you find yourself in these circumstances and it maybe that she is finding it hard to deal with too, but it needs to be sorted so you can move on and find you way back to healing your pain.

    it seems to be decision time of sorts, i wish you well and i hope it works out best for you.

    stay safe:hug: