"You should have gone to school today."

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    Gee, you think so? Do you have any idea how I felt 2 days ago? How I still feel?
    Of course you don't, because you told me to get over it and that I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Maybe it's not a big deal to you, but how could you look at my face that night and say "it's not a big deal"? Obviously, by the looks of me, and the fact that I kept hysterically crying and repeating "oh my god, please help me" yes the f*ck it was a big deal. So don't f*cking criticize me for not going to school. I have a lot of sh*t on my plate that I can't deal with. You think one day to get over something like that was enough? That I can just "force myself" to go? I don't give a shit to go!!! I just want to die. Don't you understand that? When you want death, everything else kind of takes a backseat.
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    sorry they are not seeing your suffering or hearing your pain hugs to you