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you were wronge do you know it now that your gone

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by christine1114, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. christine1114

    christine1114 Member

    We were a family and then he decided we were not .. and then you left ....what you plan this .. you gave me the ultimate fuck off. I know you were hurting but me the closest person to you.... at the end you acted as if i had poison ivy. You just isolated yourself from every one. angry yes am very angry.. I dont think I had a right to be angry because you were ill at the time, to make this decision. but now am angry ... I was thinking if I see you in the after life, that you would be angry at me .. maybe I should had have more control over the situation because you did not have any....but am not feeling guilty at this moment .... if i SEE you again am going off on you ... for doing this to yourself and to us and to the family... you cannot pin this one on me.......nononononono not any more well for at least not today.. am just going to stay very angry at you today....I did nothing to you to provoke you to do this ..... you knew all I wanted you to do was to stop.. I told you your habbit was going to kill you .. and you said yes I know.. and then the violence came right after you were done partying ...I DID anything for you and you disreguard me as if I did not matter.. You couldn't feel anything in your heart or was it at that moment, you choose to ignore my pleads ...