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You, yes you! (actually not any of you on this forum)

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I read your posts.

I use you as a form of emotional abuse

I seek your posts to make me feel worse

You remind me why it is right for me to die

I told you I knew you wanted me dead, you said you didn't

Bollocks to that, I know the truth

I see what you write

You remind me how worthless I am, how scummy I am. You remind me that I am better off dead for everyones sakes, and he too wants me dead.


After todays scare I nearly started fighting, thank you for reminding me of what is best for others

jane doe

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i think you should think about what is best for YOU, you should be alittle more selfish. but thart´s what i think, if you need it pm me at any time. take care
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