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'' You ''

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I feel so so free, and happy right now.

I feel like I've truely made a difference to someone's life!

All by telling them the truth!

A 90 minute phone call went over a lot of topics, but, what it focused on, was they had to do to be a better person. Answer: nothing!


Because everyone regardless of how you think you personally are, is special. Everyone is unique, and being unique is, once again, special.
Think of the most annoying person you know.... why are they annoying?
Answer: because what they do, personally irritates you - their husband, wife or family, may like that part about them .... they're only annoying because we think they are.....
Even that person, is special, because, they're unique....

Most of all though, I believe this little analogy, which I made up on the spot, during this call, tonight, works well in conveying this:

Think of a cauldron with things bubbling away inside it, think of it like a recipe if you will ... a recipe to create the dish You.
Now, You is unique in that it can come in all shapes and sizes, can have independent thoughts, can speak its mind freely, and can make friendships and feel emotions. And every single You is valuable to someone.

Just take the time to think about that....
Every single You is valuable to someone....
You, may not realise it.
You, may think they're worthless.
However, You, is living under a cloud, a cloud called depression.
It distorts You's thinking, into self critical comments, that gradually erode at the core of You's being....
However, if you take one thing away from this thread, take this away:
You *are* valuable.

So, what is this You?

It's every person on this planet.

Yes - even YOU!
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Awww what a lovely post Joe.. thanks for taking the time to share. And please also remember that you are very valuable to a lot of people too.. can i suggest you print off a copy of this post and put it somewhere so you can read it again should you ever lose sight of this insight

:hug: <-- for you
Jenny x
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