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You don't care about me do you? Yeah you say you do, but you dont.

You'll never know how many times I have hidden how I'm feeling in order to help you. Or how many times you've triggered me, and I've still stuck around to listen. Afterall, it's what I'm here for right :rolleyes: Don't get me wrong, you have helped me loads in the past, listened to me, and kept me safe. I thank you for that, but recently...

I don't know what I can do anymore. I think I've helped, I think I've gotten through to you. And then you tell me what you've done. That you've asked someone that. You text me to say goodbye. How do you think that makes me feel??? I didnt sleep last night, worrying over whether you were going to do something. But you dont think about the effect its having on me, do you.

I cant do this anymore, I have my own problems. and yes I did try talking to you about them, but hey, nevermind.

How many times have I told you that that one thing triggers me? Yet you still have to tell me, everyday. I'm so close to going back down that route, I'm trying so hard not to, and your text updates etc are really not helping with that.

I want you to stay safe, and be happy. I want that more than anything, but I need to be safe too. it's time I dealt with my own problems.
Well now you've explained what this is about i get what you mean now. No wonder that stuff that has been said is triggering you. :sad: You were honest in this post. If you've told the person that that subject triggers you then you have a right to be pissed off with them. I think that subject would trigger anyone.

Stay safe hun

Aww Sam :hug: You actually expressed yourself very well. I am glad you decided to let it out then do anything rash, I'm proud of ya hun!!! Keep up the great work, and I'm sorry that certain person did that to you, I've been in the ame type of situations, it makes it really hard, really, really, really hard. You are holding up really good. You know I'm here for you anytime. I haven't talked to you in awhile, we'll have to chat sometime soon! :wink: :hug: :hug:


PS - Once again, :goodjob: on expressing yourself! :)
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