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  1. Dragon

    Dragon Staff Alumni

    How can you hate me for nothing at all?
    Hurting people around me and making me fall,
    When I never did a thing to you,
    You go out of your way just to make me feel blue.

    It may seem I’m selfish, but I don’t understand,
    Just what both of us did to make you turn bad.
    When all we ever want to do is be friends,
    You’re doing your best to make sure that it ends.

    All I want is for you to just leave her alone,
    But no, you just wear her down right to the bone.
    Then just when I’ve picked up off the ground,
    You come straight back and knock her back down.

    But I won’t give up, not for you, and you’ll see,
    It takes more than one bitch to make a quitter of me.
    I’m keeping hold of her hand and I’m not letting go,
    And I’ll be damned if I’m the one who leaves her alone.
  2. ecorg911

    ecorg911 Active Member

    Your poetry is of a high standard, stuctured well and has meaning.

    Congratz, love it :)
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