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    Even as I write this, I know I am no poet
    I cannot give words to the feelings you stir
    I have not the ability to truly convey
    All that you symbolize to me

    This is an embarrassment to the art
    A poem with no real form that circles ‘bout
    And the one thing I keep returning to
    Is “you”

    How do I accurately and fully describe you?
    How can I ever put words or definitions
    On feelings that when I think of them
    Bring me to my knees in anguish?

    It is not that I think you perfect
    No, I am quite aware of your flaws
    But you, with your flaws, have proven to me
    There is no better motivation

    Right now, in this moment
    My insides are turning in disgust
    Knowing there is no way to get all this out
    Knowing you will always be blind to this depth

    “You”, the word that always takes me there
    Tears fill my eyes, imagining
    But all this melodrama is too much
    For even I to take

    - Courtney
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.