you'd think this was a good thing... (some harsh language)

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    well it has become quite apparent that this whole "really like him as a friend thing" (as she said to a friend of mine) is total bullshit or at least that is no longer the case. why do i say this? she hates being around me. i get on the bus and she is pushing herself into her backpack and as i get to the point when i normally say hi she pretty much cringes and attempt fake a smile. and even that isn't even close to a smile its just like a quick little flash and she looks away as soon as possible. when i see her in the hallway and shes with a friend and laughing she just takes a look at me and keeps going even after i just do a little wave and say hi. she's fucking ignoring me. i can tell the she feels so incredibly uncomfortable when shes around me its not even funny. she looks relieved when i get off the bus. I'm not making this up either. theres all sorts of other things she does that proves this as well.
    so now I'm starting to harbor some bad thoughts about her but of course, i still care about her like none other. fucking predictable.

    i kind of want to send her a little "fuck you" - something to just say "well i loved and still do love you but i noticed you clearly did not feel the same about me. i tried to at least be your friend but clearly you want nothing to do with me so you know what? fuck you."
    but of course, that would ruin any chance of a relationship with her seeing as that i still love her and thats the last thing i want to do - real immature right?
    not to mention that is that i don't even have the confidence to talk to her so i dont know where that would come from exactly.
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    Been there. Best thing to do is to cut her out of your life as much as possible (doesnt sound like it would be hard, either). She doesnt want a relationship with you and it wont happen. Avoid her, look at other girls and eventually the feelings will fade.
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    GIRLS!!! so much hard work! i sympathise with u. i went through a similar thing bck in school, god it was awful. has there been much between u 2 b4? now some will say tht u nd 2 pluck up da courage and tlk 2 her, but its so much harder than tht, isn't it? if u kno, for sure, tht theres no future and tht u cant go tlk 2 her to c where things go, then i suggest tht u try 2 4get bout her! hard i kno. but wot u gotta c is tht this is ONE girl, there WILL be many more, wots da point of dwelling on something tht u (possible, but not a certainty) cant have? wouldn't u do better concentrating on ur work and thinkin bout finding some1 else? i believe in soulmates but like hell is there just 1 for each of us! theres more than 1 4 everybody, plus u dont nd a solemate 2 b happy and have fun.

    not sure if this helps, i kinda went off on a tangent. lol. but if u wanna tlk then feel 3 2 PM me

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    hmm...sounds like this girl is givin the rest of us a bad name. not all of us are like that i swear...... don't really know what else to say sept....sorry dude!!! :blink: