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  1. k-r-t

    k-r-t New Member

    I'm a 17 year old girl who has had depression for years.
    I have had suicidal thoughts since elementary school.
    I think its because both of my parents have depression and i grew up listening to my dads plans to commit suicide. ya isnt that great. i just went to the doctors and they prescribed me Zoloft and im really hoping it will help. but right now i just need someone my age that can maybe relate and just talk to me. because i cant really talk to my friends about this. so please someone help me.
  2. HopeIsAlive

    HopeIsAlive Member

    Hey what's up? I'm a teenager and I went through a lot. I actually went all the way but failed, and boy did I learn. If you need to talk I'm here :) Also, I won't go gossiping off to people, I know what that feels like as well :
  3. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Well, it's been a long time since I was 17, but last time I checked there was no pill that could help with guilt. That is not a diagnosis by any stretch of the imagination, just a suggestion :)

    Listening to someone you love unreservedly tell you that they want to die is hard enough for most folks to deal with, let alone the child you was, the threat of such a loss is destabilising and I'd imagine, debilitating but you are not responsible for your parents feelings, nor are you for their suffering and just because they do suffer doesn't mean you must suffer in order to understand them.

    Am just mentioning this though as a precaution, if you are able, try to get seen by someone trained to talk to troubled folks. Guilt is pretty nasty to deal with on your own without having someone to talk to, add a lil depression and it can become almost intolerable.

    Having folks your own age to chat with is also very therapeutic so a very good 1st step but sometimes it takes someone with a lil training to unwrap the knots we get ourselves into now and again :hug:
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